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Touring is a closet-container which allows bikers to store their equipment safely. The sheated chain and solid steel frame ensures the vehicle can be easily locked safely.
Touring provides road users with a safe and spacious case where they can store their own equipment using the simple and effective lock system. Having stored their equipment and secured their own vehicle with the chain supplied, they simply need to shut the case with their own padlock.
This is the perfect solution for parking in public areas, hotels restaurants, tourist destinations, shopping centres, large business areas,  train stations, schools and many other locations.
Touring provide an innovative service to their customers as well as generating further revenue through advertising on the outside of the containers.

Please check out the link below for technical specifications


Technical Data Touring


The City is a smaller version of Motoparking Touring. It’s been designed specifically for scooters or cycles. Its compact size is ideal for use in urban areas where there maybe a shortage of adequate motorbike parking.
This is the perfect solution for scooter and cycle users, who require smaller containers to store their equipment. The security device provides riders with a closet where they can store their helmet,  accessories, and secure their bike with the chain.
The City encourages the use of two-wheeled vehicles with a low environmental impact, which will result in healthier impact on the environment

Interested in the product then please check out the link below for technical specifications.

Technical Data City

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